Posted on Mar 15, 2011

In One Week

My first blog post was a month ago. I talked about my new found passions; gardening, photography, and blogging. Within that time I have been able to show my progress in photography and some projects I’ve been working on in the great outdoors (my backyard). Here I want to mention a bit about what’s going on in the blogging world for me.

I’m not all that computer savvy yet, which is pathetic for a 23 year old living in 2011, but I have my go-to people. One of them being Emlyn Stokes– Emlyn is a Santa Cruzan, Surfer, computer guru (at least to me) and longtime friend. One day I was chatting with Emlyn online and I- asked if he would be willing to help me set up a blog, so he sent me a link to; it was done before I even thought of it. I keep Emlyn close. The other person is my brother Whit Scott- Whit is a videographer, social networker, and well my older brother, so he’s helpful. Whit has taught me some really important skills on social networking; the latest piece of advice was to “be tuned in as often as possible… taking notes on things you think about and figuring out where to put that thought. That me means check on twitter and Facebook from your phone when you’re on the toilet.” A classic Whit comment. For me, this blog has become a space where I can hone in on my new aspirations. Writing a post is still difficult, but I’m realizing that I’m only successful when it’s a topic I’m truly interested in, and writing has certainty helped me discover those interests thus far.

Social Networking has worked for me in a way it never has before this week. See, Whit has a blog of his own, just one of many sites he publicly shares what’s capturing his attention these days. Whit mentioned me in his last post, and had a link to my blog for people to check out. Turns out a few really cool people decided to do just that. A day later I got an email from an old Ultimate buddy David Anderson, who’s job is essentially to figure out how to make it possible for people with a passion for blogging about important topics easier to do so effectively. He’s a social networker and a huge help to me.

After a couple of chats with David (or Pug, as I have always known him from Ultimate) I felt like I was on my next step in my blogging adventure. He introduced me via email to a wonderful woman named Becky Striepe, who is an Entrepreneur, sharing in her blogs: ideas, news, and projects, and her own line of recycled vintage aprons and lunch bags. Meeting Becky was the next step. The first great surprise to me was that she check out my blog, that always puts a smile on my face, and the second was her invitation to me to be a guest blogger on one of the websites she administrates called, Eat Drink Better. This site focuses on food and it’s health and environmental impacts, and I’m thrilled to start sharing my information and stories on their blog too! I’ll let you know when that happens.

In the past week I’ve made some really big steps for myself and have connected and reconnected with some amazing people. To all of those whom I mentioned, and for all that are reading and continue to support me, I really appreciate you.

Here’s to excitement and anticipation.