Posted on Mar 11, 2011

Plants In The Windowsill

Whitney and I have a decent sized backyard where we could plant more vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, and flowers but we spend most of our time out of view of what could be an incredible edible landscape. Instead we utilize our balcony, a much smaller space indeed, and we choose this space for it’s easy access. When cooking a meal our cilantro, parsley, spinach, chives, and rosemary are just steps away.

Isn’t that a central point of having a home garden?
Creating the shortest distance from earth to table,
expending the least amount of money and energy,
and of course being able to visually enjoy the fruits of your labor.

My brother Whit recently told me he wanted to start growing some food of his own and asked me to help choose the right plants for his home and spacial conditions. He lives in a small apartment in San Fransisco and in his kitchen there’s a South facing window where he should be able to successfully grow herbs indoors. He has 2 9inch planter boxes that he can pack full of delicious greens. Here’s what I think he should grow.

Basil and Parsley: Stick these two right next to each other and not only will the bright greenery perk you up but your kitchen will smell wonderful, and you won’t be able to resist cooking with them. In fact, I might stick some Chives next to them too.


Chamomile: A companion to many other herbs, Chamomile can help revive your ailing plants and make them taste better too. You should learn how to make your own Chamomile tea and then teach me!

Cilantro: A must. I would get 2 of them.


Spinach: Always worth having a lot of. I’ve never grown Spinach indoors but I think it would be successful as long as it stays moist and gets good light for a majority of the day.

Rosemary: Enjoys the company of Sage and will help improve the growth and flavor of it’s companions. Rosemary also has the cutest little purple flowers that will make you smile every time you look at it.

My cousin Sasha just visited us and she gave me these 2 beautiful pots that she made.
I planted Chamomile, Sage, and Lemon Thyme.

Also, I found this site to have helpful information for growing herbs indoors.
I hope your kitchen flourishes with color and good flavors Whit.
Happy planting.


  • Bear says:

    That will be a happy windowsill and a happy kitchen!

  • Annah says:

    Best post yet! I love these suggestions… especially the cilantro x2! Have you ever grown/seen/used lemon grass? It looks like grass, smells like lemons. Put it in hot water and it makes excellent tea. I think it’s used a bunch in Thai food cooking too.

    Keep them coming Cait!

  • DAD says:

    Thought provoking, plant and planet friendly (low greenhouse effect) post Cait!
    You too are having way 2much fun in the sun.
    Sasha’s pots present a pleasing panache.
    On a tsunami free day i might have said your deck is flooded with green.
    Say, I said to myself, how about adding in some mystery plants (like onions) stalking your brothers innocent basils and such?
    Then I saw this fabulous idea for soup and thought “why didn’t I think of asparagus?”
    You write so well, honey.

  • Maribeth says:

    Cait, I love your photos! They are inspiring 🙂

    Yesterday I put my heirloom greens transplants in my garden & today they are getting some nice rain. Good timing! Tomorrow a young strong college guy is coming over to help clear out the rest of the garden so that I can start putting in my spring garden. Lucky me!
    Thanks for your writing,